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Boasting a solid track record in diverse dredging projects, Hall is the go-to contractor in Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific for the jobs that others find too challenging.

Able to deliver both small and larger contracts cost efficiently, we perform to ‘tier one’ standards on project management, delivery certainty and quality of outcomes. We have a track record of delivering tight control on projects, as well as the flexibility to respond to changing site requirements.

Operating an advanced fleet of cutter suction dredges, backed up by an extensive array of ancillary equipment including workboats, booster pumps, work barges and pipelines, we have the capabilities and engineering know-how to handle complex dredging projects around the region.

Our fleet of dredges operates the following infield technology:

  • Differential GPS units;
  • Flow meters;
  • A team viewer computer software management system, which allows head office to constantly view and communicate with our dredges remotely no matter where they are in the world. The system feeds live information allowing constant monitoring of production, quality and environment and ensuring any problems can be solved quickly and efficiently.

Clients can take comfort in the knowledge that a full desktop dredging production study is carried out prior to commencing work by our technical team in Holland, Malaysia and Australia. This study allows the project to team to accurately plan equipment requirements, boosts pump locations, pressures and settings, and allows clear delineation of run lines for the on board GPS control units.

For challenging submerged pipeline projects, Hall calls upon its specialist pipeline design consultants based in Kuala Lumpur.  These specialists have a depth of knowledge regarding oil and gas pipelines.

Our partnership with other independent international dredging contractors that operate trailing suction hopper dredges and backhoe dredges, enables us to provide clients with the necessary spectrum of dredging equipment and capabilities to take on large-scale dredging projects across the world.

We are experienced in delivering dredging projects in the following areas:


"On behalf of Fortesque Metals Group (FMG), we’d like to thank Hall Contracting for your performance in onshore dredging on our T155: Port project.

On schedule, your team delivered.

On cost, you also did very well coming in under budget.

Most of all, we were thrilled that your team achieved a phenomenal safety record with no LTI's, no MTI's and no FAI's. Well done."

Fortesque Metals Group
Project Director — Port & Rail  |   Peter Thomas