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Coastal land management


Coastal land management has been a key part of Hall Contracting’s history to date across the various arms of our business. Whether it’s earthworks for residential developments in marine clays, constructing marine structures such as lochs and weirs or dredging in sensitive coastal areas, our team has proven capabilities and expertise in delivering projects in coastal environments.

Coastal land management covers a number of site and regulatory requirements such as:

  • Maintaining coastal landforms and physical processes;
  • Protecting fauna and flora from indirect impacts of construction activity due to excavations and ground water impacts;
  • Understanding how to manage the various soil types such as marine clays, sands, acid sulfate soils and their interaction with ground water, chemical stability and natural processes;
  • Site access and engagement requirements for indigenous cultural activities, community groups and other stakeholders.

With every site being different, there are a range of factors that can influence the delivery of coastal land management projects. Our extensive history in working in this area differentiates Hall Contracting from other contractors and ensures that our clients can have a reduced risk profile.

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